by Fionn Zarubica

Another thing it cannot be said there is an over-abundance of in the Balkans are expressions of approval, particularly those that are freely given.

Our people are basically allergic to letting anyone know there is anything good about them, or that they are doing or have done well.

I see this phenomenon manifest between friends, colleagues, teachers and students and most unfortunately between parents and children.

We are excellent and skilled practitioners of the art of correction, but rank amateurs at demonstrations of appreciation.

The word compliment can be traced to the Latin complementum “that which fulfills or completes”.  Fulfills or completes…

Why don’t we want to fulfill or complete one another?

Because our relationship to others, and to the world, is a direct reflection of our relationship to ourselves.  Our inability to compliment one another, to show our support for one another’s success, is in fact our inability to love ourselves and to support our own success.

Disapproval, of ourselves and others, is a habit that has become a pathology – a suffering and disease; and it not only thwarts our personal evolution and approach to joy, but that of those around us.

Fortunately, creation is ongoing and healing is always an option.

To that end, this week, I challenge all of you to catch every compliment that flickers across your consciousness and give it to the person to whom it belongs.  Stranger, friend, family or foe.

Have the courage to speak an uplifting, supportive and positive truth to someone.  Have the courage to share your prana*.

When you see the surprise and joy that you bring that person, your heart will grow three sizes that day.

Imagine a world where everyone actively and openly loves and supports one another; do you really think joylessness, division and conflict will stand a chance?

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*Prana – Sanskrit for breath, life force

Image: Audrey Hepburn Fred Astaire Funny Face by Richard Avedon

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