Words Words Words…

by Fionn Zarubica

Have you ever really listened to your words and to your stories?

Are your words those of encouragement, helpfulness or self-love?

Oops, did I say self-love?  Well, I do not mean narcissism, but actually love of the self.  You see your self, and the you that is reading this, are a little bit compartmentalized.  There is myself and then I.  I love myself, I hate myself, I am not myself, I believe in myself.  Apparently two entirely different entities. 

Anyhow, what does your dialogue sound like?

Are you complaining about something in your day-to-day experience?  Perhaps your family or work dynamic?  

Are you carefully diagnosing the missteps of those around you in the name of compassion and caring?  You know, for their own good?  Or to demonstrate your values?

Are you regenerating gossip, even if ever so harmlessly in the form of catching up?

Are you chewing on a past injury – recent or ancient – for the sake of “sorting it out”?

Are you saying that you are not judging but just being honest?

Are you justifying?

How do you feel when you get done telling your story?  Better?

What would happen if you were to change your words and stories to those of love, thankfulness and compassion?  If the news feed you deliver to yourself is life and joy affirming?  Seeing the truth of humanity in others and forgiving yourself for just being normal?  If you were to change every energy vortex of condemnation into an affirmation of your own beauty and perfection?

Would you feel guilty?

Like it or not the Divine does not make mistakes and the Divine made you, and everyone else.  Foibles and all.  You are beautiful, lovable, loving and beloved. You are not a mistake and you have nothing to apologize for.

The point: Hush! Love your self, because your self loves you! And only by loving your self can you love others.

 And, love is all that matters!

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