Words Of Love

by Fionn Zarubica

When one studies speech from an esoteric perspective, one is brought rather quickly to the concept of the WORD.  In many cultures, there is reference to the first word uttered by God at the moment of the Creation.  Was it really a word?  Probably not as we conceive it.  However, what it allegorizes is the first spiritual breath, which passed the portal of Divine consciousness and gave life to the world and our existence.

For each word there must be breath, for each breath there is life, and for the words that follow, creation.

When we speak, the unborn word like the unborn child, travels through our energy centers, our chakras, out of our mouths and into the world.  There as energy, what we have created lives on.

When a healthy and connected person is speaking, the words flow through all the checkpoints; through instinct, creativity, personality, emotion, intuition, insight and universal consciousness.  An individual so engaged has the power to inspire, heal, enlighten, humor, and above all is able to fully experience healthy self-expression.

Words matter.

Every word we speak is a spiritual breath of life that creates our reality.  

Therefore it is vital that we honor our word when it is given, like an oath; that we do not bore or prattle on wastefully, or fall into sullen silences; neither harm with gossip, nor pollute with vulgarity.  

That when we speak to others we speak to them with integrity and love.  Love for the language, love for them, love for ourselves and love of the space that we and they inhabit.  

That we make conscious the knowledge that what we say is nothing less than a total expression of our incarnated and spiritual natures.

By developing and taking a care for our speech, we are integrating that which is derived from body, soul and mind into one holistic form; we are actively maintaining the flow through our portals of consciousness that lead us to our own light and to our own unlimited possibilities.  

Words matter.

But what matters most is…


Jean–Honoré Fragonard (French, 1732–1806)
The Love Letter, ca. 1770
Oil on canvas
32 3/4 x 26 3/8 in. (83.2 x 67 cm)
The Jules Bache Collection, 1949 (49.7.49)

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