Who Do You Want Me To Think You Are?

by Fionn Zarubica

William Shakespeare

The other day I asked a friend to read a blog post of mine and give me his feedback.  It began with a quote by William Shakespeare from the play Cymbeline.

He responded that he does not connect to Bible quotes because he is not religious.

Well, this left me scratching my head…

Firstly, the text was entirely secular.  Secondly, from what I know about WS, he was the bad boy of his generation; you know, one of those naughty artist types whom it was cool to like.  Not the sort to inspire backward religious fervor. Thirdly, the Bible has some good quotes as does the Koran, the Bhagavad-Gita, the novel Lolita, and Batman comic books – no matter what you believe.

It got me thinking about context and resistance.

It feels to me, that as a society, we have wound ourselves up so tightly that we have become nearly incapable of enjoying and openly playing around with the thoughts of others (as in people who do not necessarily share our views).  Today, we MUST make sure that everyone knows what we believe and what we stand for – or at least what we would have them think we believe and stand for.


I don’t care if you get me.  I can spend all day trying to get you to get me, and you probably still won’t.  Forcing that issue would be a huge waste of my energy.  

I am certainly not going to limit my personal expressions, explorations and journey to any particular cultural circles, belief systems or bubbles to make you comfortable; and I really hope you are not going to do that for me.

I have friends who cannot consider a thought outside their own grid.  OK, Namaste to them.  

However, something that is amusing to me is that, at least in my experience, the self-proclaimed “liberals” among my acquaintances are by far the most intolerant of a little bit of liberal thought tossing. 

But, maybe I don’t get out enough…

Then again, heaven forefend that one might entertain the conservative religious views of William Shakespeare…

“…And seeing ignorance is the curse of God, 
Knowledge the wing wherewith we fly to heaven…”

Henry VI, Part II
William Shakespeare

Love is all that matters…

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  1. Too many people today do not study literature.  As for WS, my French husband pretends not to  like him because Shakespeare is English.  C'est ça.  

    But serisouly, whether or not someone has religious beliefs, most western literature for the last 1700 years explores Biblical themes/questions.  Analogous observations can be made about the literature of other places and belief systems.  These themes or questions often deal with the struggles of man vs. nature, man & mortality, love & war, happiness vs. dispair.  To be ignorant of the dominant religions of history, of their answers to these seminal questions, and to miss out on the writing of thoughtful and creative people through the centuries inevitably leaves one poorer in intellect and spirit.

    Oh, "whatever," I have to get back to playing games on my iPad.

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