Who Do You Think You Are?

by Fionn Zarubica

pink_magnolia_blossomWe can spend the rest of our lives trying to discover who we are and we never will.

How do I know this?  Because the equipment we have at our disposal, the brain, is not equal to the task of processing all that we are; the infinite, magnificent and glorious perfections that we are.

Likewise, we cannot depend on others to define us to ourselves, because they also lack the apparatus to make any meaningful determinations.  For this reason anything, good or bad, that anyone has to say about us is about as valuable as a ticket stub for a 10 cent dance.

When it comes to “the truth tellers”, gurus and clerics, the authorities on all things mystical, one has to question how they can explain to us the truth, when they are attempting to define all that is using the same simple instrument.

Sounds a little disappointing, doesn’t it?  It shouldn’t be.  It simply points to the fact that it is best not to draw conclusions about the big information using only the capacity of the intellect.

It also says that we should stop listening to people who exhort us to “find ourselves” or make concrete decisions about truth that we lock into and pattern our lives after; and that we should let go of believing what other people tell us about ourselves given that they have processed all that we are, all of our majesty and splendor, through their corporeal microchips.

We would do well to turn our attention to the intelligence of the heart.  This is where the real information lives; and the brain for all of its exertions, will never be able to co-opt it.

Even if we dare not admit it, we know who we are, that we are whole, complete and infinite; we know the truth, it doesn’t have to be told to us by an outside source, and other people are none of our business.

The next time you feel disempowered by someone else’s teachings or opinions, or by your own fears and self-doubts, consider the delivery mechanism. Then, without judgment, tune in to what your heart is telling you.  You need look no further.

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