White Fang Rising

So, they got rid of the wolves in Yellowstone National Park in the United States and imbalanced the eco-system.

Tonight I spoke with a friend who is “fighting” for the rights of the disabled.

I spoke with another who went in for a checkup to see if they could find something wrong with her.  They didn’t, but they have scheduled her in for a follow up so that they can be sure to find something next time.

We love to identify and eradicate the enemy, be it a carnivore, a disability or a disease.  We really don’t like to live with them.

But are we sure we know who or what the enemy is?

I say welcome to the wolf at my door; furthermore, I want to celebrate my physical differences with humans who are not constructed like me and I won’t spend a dollar letting a doctor go on a fishing expedition to find something wrong with me.

If I am sick and I die, then so be it.  But at least I will have arrived there without stress.

Our intellects play so many tricks on us, letting us think we have control over it all, and that by being impatient and trying to jump ahead of what we know now will avert disaster.

But is death and dying really a disaster?  I don’t know about you, but I am a bit curious about the process.

And that is why I cherish life and each day so fully.  Because, without its counterpart, the glory of the ultimate journey, it can all be a bit empty.

I cherish the imminent threat.

And I know one thing for sure…

Love is all that matters.

And love will be with me, and also with you my dear, throughout it all.

So be it.

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