What Is Wrong With You?

by Fionn Zarubica

I bet you’ve got a list a mile long and it is memorized.  In fact we could probably spend hours pouring over it together; and I expect you are open to suggestions.

But are you sure that everything on that list is yours?

Have you ever had the experience of a particular individual raising anxiety in you?  The moment you get into their presence you start to doubt yourself and question your worthiness?

I have.

One day a very wise woman, actress, singer, AIDS activist and therapist Marilyn Lovell Matz, a beautiful and gracious soul, asked me:  “Is that your material or the other person’s?”  This question hit me like a lightening bolt.

I realized that I was experiencing the other person’s anxiety about being in my presence, not the other way around.  I was not in the least bit anxious about them; it was their apprehension I was feeling projected onto me.

Wow, what a change of perspective.

So, what is right about you?

Do you ever spend time on that?  I am not talking about a false sense of ego; but the essential, glorious, individual and creative expression of Divinity that you are.  

At what point, and for what reason in our maturation process did we agree to forget who we truly are and take on the burdens and projections of others – our social groups, our ethnic groups, our families, our lovers?

Why do we want to fix problems that do not belong to us?

How can we be at peace with ourselves and heal the planet if we do not silence the rehearsed dialogue of self-hatred and become clear about what belongs to us and what does not? 

It would be magnificent if we could all establish a practice of checking in with ourselves more often; checking in with our true intelligence – the heart – that is where the answers lie.

The Universe does not make mistakes or engage in half-measures.  We were all created intentionally, in perfection and love, whole and complete.  We were wanted.  We are not broken and we do not owe anyone an apology.  

Let us manifest as the healers we would like to have in our lives and unburden others by releasing them from their judgment; let us lovingly transcend their unintentional attempts to project their material onto us and spend a little more of our time reflecting on what is right about us!  

I assure you the list is longer than long.

I would like to pour over that list with you.

As I keep saying: Love is all that matters!

Image: Marilynn Lovell Matz Memory Eternal!

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