The Transformative Power Of The Weak Link

by Fionn Zarubica

There is an old saying that “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link”; and literally that is true.  Put enough stress on a chain and its weakest link will be what breaks.

The chain.  Fetters, shackles, restraints.  A force or factor that binds.  A series of events.  A line of supply.  Commands.  Decoration.  Connected elements.  Part of a molecule consisting of a number of atoms bonded together in a linear sequence.  Circles enjoined.  A range of mountains.  Armor.  A connected series of flexible links. Succession.  A tease.  Chain link…

Arms linked
Telepathically linked
Daisy chains

Everywhere on the planet people are under a great deal of stress.  Rich or poor, visible or invisible, no one is exempt. 

The weakest links are going to break.  The fun part is that they are not always where we think they are.

That which was one, will be transformed into a stronger two, and four, and six and…eventually there will be no more weak links.

Many I speak with are sure that the bad guys will not go down and that there will be no end to the corruption, dissoluteness and incompetence that they feel govern our world today.  

I couldn’t disagree more.

As far as I am concerned, the Universe has it handled.  Evolution is a powerful if sometimes painful thing.  But it handles its business.

This may feel like a horrible time, but the more horrible it feels, the more we can bet that change is afoot.  

Believe it or not, change is always a gift and it always leads to good. 

If we keep out of it and focus on strengthening our links and fine-tuning our own spiritual energy, we can be assured that the change will be delightful.

The Universe doesn’t need our input to balance itself.  It is already in balance.  But it welcomes us to enter into the balance, to participate in the energy of creation and the rediscovery of the power of love.

The only thing in the world that has no weak link is love. 

Our chains can assist and adorn us, or they can hold and restrain us.  We can cast them in any role we wish, the choice is ours.  But what I know for sure is that…

Love is all that matters.

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