The Theory Of Abundance

How did we get here?  How did our world and we come into being?

There are the scientific views which are based on theories of materialism – that everything in the universe is composed of matter and energy, reductionism – that complex phenomena can be explained by examining its parts and pieces, and randomness – that natural processes occur at random and are generated by mutation.

Then there are the spiritually based views that include religious and non-religious beliefs that a super-consciousness intentionally brought all that is into being; that consciousness pre-existed matter. 

Both the scientists and the spiritually oriented are divided within their own frameworks.  Since the pre-Socratic Greek philosophers began the argument, the scientific community is no closer to offering a complete and final explanation for existence, while those who subscribe to a belief in a super-consciousness have been equally unable to offer material evidence for that which is unknowable, and cannot agree as to whether all that is was created at once, or is being created as we go along a linear timeline; and if on a linear timeline whether we are 6000 or billions of years old.

But, what does this have to do with abundance?

If one were to take the view that infinity is a straight line going off into forever, then it would stand to reason that our lives are unfolding along that single timeline based on a series of events, circumstance and choices.

That would mean that the lessons about survival and success in the material and spiritual worlds, which we have been taught over the last millennia, would be true.  That it all comes down to what we know, who we know, ethics and how we apply it all; with a large dose of luck and privilege, be it social or spiritual, thrown in.  Abundance does not factor as a given.

If on the other hand, one were to embrace the image of infinity as illustrated by its symbol, the lemniscate (), then it might be possible to entertain the idea that all that is, was or shall be has already been created and that we are in continual motion and interaction with it, and abundance is presupposed due to the fact that everything possible is in play.

Many today are beginning to explore their spirituality in increasingly fluid terms.  Some have made this process more comfortable by creating linear theories of consciousness development involving the application of practical exercises, affirmations and axioms that offer solutions for abundance through a change of attitude that is applied externally, while others are launching themselves into spiritual extremes.

And then there is everyone in between.

But, irrespective of the approach, what is consistent is that for all the talk of achieving abundance through new techniques and paradigms of consciousness change, when it comes down to basic survival, most of us refer inwardly to old linear values and get entangled with questions of self-worth and luck.  We begin to focus on the gaps we perceive and on what we think we need to plug into them in order to assuage our fears.  

We begin to stare at our shoes, and we wind up as far as our shoes.

Our relationship to abundance has everything to do with where we place ourselves in the cosmic picture.

What if all that is, was or shall be, all that we require, is already manifest and that all we need to do is raise our vision up from our shoes in order to be a part of it?

What if we don’t have to withdraw love from ourselves for failing to meet the goals of our shoes?  Or other peoples’ shoes?

What if we were to make it our daily meditation to send our consciousness out into the universe and imagine all the colors, sounds and expressions of all that is, and then to imagine the colors, sounds and expressions of all that we are rising up to dance with it along the lemniscate of creation?

An infinite party where everything is offered to us. Where our rightness, wholeness and completeness is celebrated.

What abundance!  What love!

Love is all that matters!

Chaos at the Heart of Orion
Spitzer Space Telescope

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