Take Care Of Your Heart

by Fionn Zarubica


When a person is faced with a challenge of some kind, the first stop for the experience is in the mind, with the intellect. The mind takes in the data, analyzes and organizes it.

Then, the feelings get involved and start to interpret that data in terms of the individual’s unique relationship to the incoming information. Emotions often jump in at this point, but hopefully only briefly.

Finally, all of the information is delivered to the heart. It is there that the intelligence takes over and everything is synthesized for release back into the world. Once released, it is received by all that is and the process begins again.

And so energy is processed, and reprocessed, and reprocessed, all of creation partaking; a never ending flow of communication and ever evolving energy. On and on and on…

The heart is the critical portal here. It is the filtering and delivery mechanism. The condition that the heart is in determines what gets put back out into the world.

In order for the heart to do its job, and assimilate what comes, in a functional and healthy and manner, it has to itself be healthy. It has to be supported, nurtured and prepared for these moments. 

Highly evolved individuals are those who are able act as channels for enormous amounts of complex energy and transform it into love. But, we are all meant to highly evolve, we are all meant to participate joyfully in this communion; and we can take steps in that direction now. By choosing love.

Take care of yourself; take care of your heart. Be kind and gentle with it. It has a big job to do…

It is processing infinite Love – infinitely.

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