Spiritual Busy Work

by Fionn Zarubica

Not too long ago while having a conversation with someone about matters spiritual, it was suggested to me that the most important spiritual work I could do would be to meditate regularly on who I am.  

I asked why?  I have always known who I am.  I am who I am.  I am myself before you now.  I cannot be otherwise.  Who else could I be?  I am as close to me as ever I was.  In fact, I am you and you are me.  I see me reflected before me, in you.  Everywhere I look.  No escape.

The challenge has never been knowing who I am, but rather aligning it successfully with what I am at the moment – a homo sapien, or if etymology holds up a “wise human being”.

Where did we get this idea that we could be separated from ourselves?  

It can only be a product of a consciousness that took comfort in a spiritual hierarchy, resulting in a dichotomy between heaven and earth, God and man; a consciousness that we are now graduating from.  It was appropriate in its time, specifically in the last millennia, but it no longer serves us.

The notion that we do not know who we are is a matter of denial.  We just find that information vaguely unappealing, and it leads to accountability.

All of it is entangled with the belief that our incarnation is flawed, that we are doing penance in the correctional institution known as Earth, and that we can only achieve enlightenment if we acknowledge our separation, our inferior spiritual condition and reject form and material engagement; if we mortify or put ourselves to death.  

Bad human!

So what was December 21, 2012 all about?  Isn’t the Apocalypse supposed to be happening now?

The word apocalypse comes from the Greek apokaluptei, which means to uncover or reveal.  Does that mean destruction of form?  Or a revelation of consciousness?

What is actually happening now is the passing away of a period of collective unconsciousness, when groups were formed around belief systems and tribal identity.  When failure to comply with the group ideal and the agreed upon spiritual limits of that group resulted in censure and shunning, and creative expression of individual spirituality was severely discouraged.

But that is in the past now, and we know this is true because all group defined structures, be they material or energetic, are decomposing.  No blueprint we used to depend on is working for us anymore.

The new post-apocalyptic consciousness, much to the surprise of the linearists, is one of acceptance and love.  Acceptance of spirit and form as perfect interactive expressions of Divine wisdom and unconditional love for all that we are.

That does not mean loving ourselves only when we are successful in our lives and behaving within subjectively defined parameters; but loving even the failure self, the rogue self and the self that that does not love the self.

Today, those among us who have always seen beyond the borders of conventional spiritualism are being called upon to come out of the closet; to let their light shine and lead the way into a new consciousness with a new message.

The message is love.

And it all begins with love for the self – in all its flawed glory.  

Then comes love for others in all their flawed glory; and above all, acceptance of each for where they are right now.  

Included in that list is anyone that we find repugnant and indefensible, publicly or privately.  

The degree to which we judge and reject anyone – ANYONE – is a direct measure of our own self-hatred.  It is a reflection of what we are putting out there, and how we treat ourselves.  It is ironically the only means by which we can create the illusion of separation.

We have never been one Angstrom away from ourselves, much as we may have preferred otherwise; and we have never been unaware of who we are.

We are love.

So, rather than doing spiritual busy work, and meditating on what we already know, let’s get down to business.

Let’s get down to LOVE!

Stop worrying about who you are and start to love it.  Say “I Love You” to you! Over and over and over…

The rest will sort itself out.

Love is all that matters.

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