Spiritual Authority

by Fionn Zarubica

zarubica-june_2013-1_0Over the last year I have made an effort to contact several individuals who are active in the new age/alternative/consciousness change movements.  They are all highly respected and most of them have huge followings.  I reached out to them to talk about what is going on in that regard over here in the Balkans, and invited them to engage in a dialogue with us.

Now clearly, I have enough GQ (Google Quotient) that they can establish fairly quickly that I am actually doing this work.

Do you know what happened?  Nothing.  Not one of them followed up past finding out how much I could pay them, what I wanted to take away from them or how it would further their careers to talk to me.  What I find interesting is that they all claim to be hard at work healing the planet.

Really?  Last time I checked the Balkans were on the planet.

Just so you know, I am fear impaired and will contact anyone about anything; and the responses I was getting turned this into something of a sport for me.

Anyhow, I am not saying this to provide further ammunition for Balkan victimology; I am saying this as a reminder that we really have to check people out, particularly people who claim authority regarding “truth”.  Just because they say they are into love and change, and that they are all about spirituality and progressive ideologies, doesn’t mean it is so.

Unfortunately, there are many who have found a nice niche in the new age business.  They have coined a few compelling concepts and learned to present them in what appear to be meaningful ways.  They are career enlighteners.

The consciousness change movement is for real, but not everyone in it is for real. 

Do not take experts on spirituality at their word – challenge them!  Watch what they do rather than putting stock in what they say.  The real ones won’t mind.

And, above all, stay on the path!  Let no one deter you!  Sidestep callousness! 

Never forget that you are a creative expression of the Divine on this planet and that you already have unlimited access to the truth.  

You are your own authority and you do not need anyone else, not even me, to tell you that.

Meanwhile, I am going to get back to shaking some cages to see who responds…


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