Spiritual Acceptability

by Fionn Zarubica


In the West, we spend a lot of time defining what is and is not acceptable.   Maybe they do in the East too, but I cannot answer to that.  Only, do not think  that I am solely targeting the West for this discussion.

In particular today I am focusing on vice, don’t you just love it?

From the American puritanical perspective, which is relevant because America was founded on Puritan principals, anything that even hints at vice must be violently eradicated and immediately submerged into a twelve-step program.

Please forgive me, because I know many whom the twelve step programs have literally rescued from total devastation, and I honor the programs for that; but I have always had a problem with them.  The problem for me is that they have introduced an absolute.  You are either in or out, no grey area.

I honestly don’t see a relationship with a substance or an experience as an absolute.  There are gradations and cycles.

From my perspective, moderation is the goal…

Let us set aside common human experience and consider the spiritual.  If we are here having a temporary physical adventure, but are eternal beings that are ultimately not in the least impacted by too many nights of eating chips and setting the world record for the amount of ale consumed in an hour, then how bad is our bad?

Maybe our bad is what we need and came here to experience?  Making it good…

The real barometer is how each one of us feels about our indulgences.  

For me there is no right or wrong path, neither any over-indulgences.  What matters is whether or not the individual person feels compromised or diminished by their actions.

I am not talking about learned guilt, but a real inner knowing that the behavior we are engaging in has eclipsed who we really are.

Who we really are. Who we really are. Who we really are.

Why do we beat ourselves up for taking the journey or for running the experiment?  

Then, later, why do we beat ourselves up when we decide it is time to come home and stop playing?

When I was a child I was often caught by surprise when the sun would set as I was in the middle of digging to China.  I was overcome with a need to scurry home, to run to the light, to be enveloped in its comfort and safety. 

Aren’t we all sometimes caught by surprise at the end of the day?  That is a joy in itself.  Because the light awaits.

We feel so guilty for testing this human vehicle we have been given, as well as its limits.  Why not test it?  It is a ride, and the vehicle is on loan.  

Trying things on has no impact on our eternal reality unless it teaches us something.

What is important is to be able to hear our higher wisdom when it tells us to pull out of a particular activity or to slow down.  To know when it is time to change our energy up to meet what is required in the moment.  To recognize when the experiment is going too far and see when we need to set parameters around it.  

To have a sense of humor.

To show love to ourselves and others, to be wise and patient and respect everyone’s else’s comfort zone.

Yes, we have been given a grand opportunity to experience the values of the flesh, which are not to be underestimated; but  the question is, how can we treat the experiences with respect and honor, given that they come from creation, from all that is?

What are we learning? Are we paying attention?

There is no place for guilt and regret here, but I think it is OK now to trust our own spiritual acceptibility.

Particularly because…

Love is all that matters.


One Comment

  1. Love is all that matters, we must follow are hearts not so much are mine, we need to love ourselves, from the core of our beingness, to filled with joy of the journey we call life.
    to fear are vices makes them powerful, and we need to love even our faults, vices, and fears, for we are here to experience life in this human form to learn to grow and to be presence to the moments of our sorrows and joys. To feel life as it explodes with emotional depth at the sunrise or sunset, to do less would dishonor our life as a spiritual being having a human experience
    So I say go forth, have fun, make love, eat food, and feel your body as you experience life.