Rebranding X

by Fionn Zarubica

I have been hearing a lot of buzz about rebranding Serbia these days.  

First of all I question if we can really call a living breathing community a brand.  It is a marketing strategy, not a path to illumination.

But the greater hesitation I have about this is the “re” part. It implies a do over – disposing of what was in favor of what we think it ought to be, a kind of cultural face-lift.

Are we equipped to determine what it ought to be, to comprehend the greater plan that is at work here?

If we want to use “re” then why not re-newal, re-juvenation, re-naissance?  Why not talk about inspiration, enlivenment and awakening?

People and nations are not different; they are the sum total of their experiences, the accumulated wisdom of their journeys.  What a waste it would be to squander all of that rather than putting it to use and celebrating the work we have done, the successes and failures that have brought us to where we are now. 

A peaceful future cannot be built on an unresolved foundation.  We have to come to terms with all that we were, and are, in order to become all that we can be.  To deny where we have been only exacerbates instability.  Whenever there is an attempt to negate or suppress what has gone before, it makes what is to come radically more difficult to process.  

It is the stories of those who have raised themselves up out of challenging circumstances, to make a difference in the world, that are compelling; and it is their willingness to share their stories, without shame, that inspires, gives hope to others and guides them on their paths.

How do we move toward inspiration, enlivenment and awakening?  By not clinging to a fantasy past and by accepting what has gone before, the good the bad and the ugly, with honesty, love and non-judgment, and intentionally stepping into this era of consciousness change and enlightenment. 

Let’s put our energy into figuring out how we can joyfully use what we have learned along the way to heal, not only ourselves and our communities, but the planet.

Given the history, Serbia could become the wise elder in the world community, a light and source for others.

It is a choice.

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