Question Your Programming

by Fionn Zarubica

gardenias_2What would you say if I told you that you could live a life of joy, peace and prosperity, wanting for nothing, doing work you love, receiving all that you need effortlessly, without struggle or stress.

Even if attracted to what I am saying, a little voice may interject and say that I am out of touch with reality given what you see going on around you today.  I might even make you angry for wasting your time and distracting you from your struggle; flaunting what you can never have in your face.  

You are living in the real world, right?  

But I ask you this: If we can create a hell on earth, as it seems we have, what makes us think we cannot create a heaven on earth with no sorrow, no strife and no suffering?

Well, that is the question, what makes us think the way we do?  What are the messages we receive, and in what way do they support joy?

When I look around, what I see are messages that make sure we never allow ourselves to go there, and that condition those around us to chastise us if we do; and then there is the guilt and shame associated with optimism – who do you think you are imagining a world of peace, imagining that you can be happy?

In the media there is an endless stream of messages that tell me what I should want and more importantly, what I don’t have; and gossip columns encourage me to concern myself with the opinions of others.  The news and serious talk shows tell me what I need to worry about and what I ought to believe; not overtly but by omission of other viewpoints and perspectives.  Economists are warning about the fall of the global economy, and research agencies are pumping out updates about the rise in unemployment.  People who buy into all of this are running around telling me that my survival is threatened and that if I were smart I would be stressing about it.

Well, here is the thing, when I pause and allow this information to sit in my cognitive waiting room for a minute or two without reacting, I realize that none of it is true for me.  I don’t want what other people tell me to want, I don't care what other people think about me and I am not missing anything.  In this moment now, I am OK – I am not in any peril.  I have just as much as is necessary, and people I love who love me.  If I am truthful, I want for nothing and all of my real needs are met.  

When I don’t react, it becomes clear that all of this is a socially induced hallucination designed to keep me from seeing that all is well; and that no one and nothing have power over my life or my happiness. 

Next time you receive a message of imminent danger and lack, take a moment and slow it all down; then when you do allow it to flow through your evaluation mechanisms, if you feel that there is cause for concern, ask yourself where you got that perspective.  Is it really yours?  When you look it in the eye do you connect to it?  Does it accurately reflect where you are now?  

In the late 1970’s the phrase that became popular was “Question Authority”.  Today, I think it should be “Question Your Programming”.  

Don’t allow any message or any person to put you into survival mode.  Stop, listen to your spirit, process incoming messages with love, and trust what you come up with as a response.  You are wise, you know what is true.

We really are meant to live in a heaven on earth, we already do if we would only choose to concede it; and it is past time to take up our birthright and tune out the voices that would have us believe otherwise.

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