Quantum Wrongness

by Fionn Zarubica

Is there such a thing as a wrong decision?

The worst decisions I have made have turned out to be my best choices.  Very few conditions in my life have lead more rapidly to profound and long lasting erudition than those defined by appallingly poor judgment on my part.

I have gotten more bang for my buck, more miles for my dinar, making “wrong” decisions, than all the carefully thought out, acceptable and right decisions in the world.

This leads me to question the idea that one can make a wrong decision.

We like to think that there is a crystal-clear line drawn between right and wrong, between straight and twisted.  Where we get into trouble is in attempting to define and agree on exactly where that line is.

Right and wrong do not exist in nature.  They are concepts created by humans as measuring tools designed to evaluate social and cultural interaction.  Without exception, every label of right or wrong has passed through a man made filter, be it of philosophy, religion, family or cultural values, or opposition to the same. 

Mathematics is also a measuring tool; it is a language that describes actions, laws and systems.

We are all to some extent social mathematicians.  We define ourselves as existing in some fixed point in space, and then begin counting.  Counting up our pluses and down our minuses, tallying our perceived victories and failures, our good and our bad.  But, what most of us lose sight of is the fact that that we are measuring ourselves against arbitrarily defined human concepts.

What we are not taught is that we can start counting in 3D space, from an unfixed position, from multiple angles and directions, the starting points chosen arbitrarily, singly, or all at the same time.

We also tend to overlook the part that the infinite plays.  It is probability in space, the formlessness that binds and connects all form, or that which we create through our intentions.

From a traditional perspective there is a beginning and an end for all that is.  All events and cycles follow a linear path to their conclusion.  From a Quantum perspective there is no beginning or end.  The universe is an infinite body of energy eternally turning back on itself.  

Because energy and mass are the same thing in different forms, there is no destruction, only transformation.  If we were to unravel “wrong” it would not cease to exist but its parts would disperse.  “Wrong” therefore can be seen not as a collection of bad things, but select elements of the whole, temporarily bound together by the boundless, by infinity.

Is there such a thing as a wrong decision?  

We cannot know with certainty how any decision will turn out, but we can make sure that every decision is the right decision. Not by bowing to outside approval or established mores, but by being present in each and every moment and making each and every decision through love.

Love is infinite, love does not judge, love does not destroy; love nourishes and heals.

When love is in the game, there can be no wrong.

Can We Make A Wrong Decision If We Try?

This week’s challenge is to go out and make a wrong decision on purpose; make it the biggest wrong decision possible.  Plan it as carefully as you plan your best decisions.  Play it out to its end and then reflect on how it all went. How wrong was it? How would your week have gone had you made the right decision?  Come back here and share your experiences.

Image: Cranach the Elder, Lucas. Adam and Eve. 1528. Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence. Oil on wood.

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