After giving some thought to how we might be of service at this time, we have decided to begin a prayer list.

It is for you. It is for someone you love. It is for a friend or acquaintance or even a situation that you feel would benefit from the blessings of others willingly praying for them for the sole purpose of supporting them with the intention of love and for the highest good of all concerned.

Submit Your Prayer Request


  • Enter the first and last name or last initial of the person you wish us to pray for.
  • Or...

  • e.g., The planet, health, employment, abundance, peace, discernment...

The Prayer List

Questions and Answers

The prayer list is a repository of requests for the energy of Love to be sent out to any being, consciousness, situation, condition or location.

Just your intention to add to the list immediately starts the energy of Love flowing toward the focus of the request.

Any being, physical or non-physical, consciousness, situation, condition or location.

The prayer list is confidential and will not be shared.

It is not necessary. The Universe knows what is wanted and needed.

No reason whatsoever.

We will start a new prayer list on the first day of each month. If there are no new additions, we will carry the previous prayer list over.

Yes! Everyone is encouraged to pray!

Simply intend that the energy of Love flows from your heart to the list.

If it is helpful, you might say something like the following:

“I unconditionally send Love and Light to all beings, consciousnesses, situations, conditions or locations on the prayer list for the highest good of all concerned.”


Heal To Be does not align itself with any religion, belief system, philosophy or political view except…

The highest good of all concerned!