So The Plan Is…

by Fionn Zarubica

A lot of people ask me what my plan is.

Well…I don’t have one.

Not because I am unable to think of one, I can think of dozens of them; but because I know there really isn’t any point.

For me, having a plan is like trying to drive in a straight line across Slavija Square or Shibuya Crossing at rush hour.

The first thing we are taught when we are casting for our brilliant futures is to set goals, make plans, hammer out timelines and then stick to them.

This works pretty well when it comes to academic pursuits because they are just that – academic.  In those situations we are politely adhering to someone else’s plan for a limited period; like well-mannered guests at a dinner party.

But, time and again I see the pain and frustration in people’s faces when planning doesn’t work so well in the rest of their lives.

To convince a devoted plan maker that the planning itself, and all of its expected returns, are at the root of their suffering, is similar to talking someone out of cult membership.

The problem with plans is that we, the planners, are limited by the capacity of our brains, which is where planning happens.  The brain does not have the facility to enter into, process or interpret the overview.  It cannot forecast what is around the next bend. What we plan for ourselves is inevitably not attuned to what is actually happening and is usually a pale representation of our potential, of what is possible and of what would give us the most joy.

As we enter the New Year, many people are making resolutions, as well as the plans to enact them.

I may not be able to entirely convince anyone here that planning is counterproductive, but I would like to suggest trying something new this year – just for fun.

After all, given all the failed and abandoned resolutions of years past, what could be the harm in a little experiment?

How about if this year we just BE.  We don’t resolve to BE, but just BE.  Resolve nothing, plan nothing.  Let the Universe roll out the plan.

Meanwhile, while the Universe does its thing, we can focus on love.  Love is not discordant with the cosmic order.  Neither does it prevent us from rising up into ourselves and our life’s potential; and it allows the same for others.

Love is all that matters!

Happy New Year!!!

Image: Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo, Japan

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