The Misery Imperitive

by Fionn Zarubica

How can you be more miserable than I?

Surely any simpleton can see that I am more aggrieved than you!

You have had all the advantages and privileges that I have been denied!

No one has suffered as I have suffered!

No one knows my pain!

But, I nobly carry on!

And, I will not be cheered up!!!

Yes, I am being a bit silly right now, but this is kind of the dialogue I have been running into lately.

I had a conversation at Slava (the feast day of my family’s patron Saint Nikolas) with a young educated man who was decrying the imperfections of the world.  I asserted that in my view the world is absolutely perfect in providing us with exquisite and unparalleled opportunities for growth.  Because we were at Slava, and in a Christian framework, I added that if God is perfect and made all of this, what could be wrong with it?  I thought that perhaps by appealing to his religious, cultural, and educational orientation, I would make an inroad.  

But, oh no, instead we got into the whole Adam and Eve, original sin, and don’t even try and tell me that I am whole and complete conversation.

Apparently, pious people who believe in a perfect God, who see themselves as created in God’s image, are not allowed to see themselves as God’s perfect creations.

Ironic, right?


Here’s the bad news everyone…we ARE whole and complete.  There is nothing wrong with us except what we disavow in ourselves.  We are loved and cherished and the only one judging us is us!

There is no Divinity out there finding fault in our journeys.  We ARE the Divine; we are creative manifestations of the Divine on this earth, and the journey is OURS!  The journey is a delight to the Divine.  And here is the big news: It is acceptable to be an important part of creation.

OK, I just lost about 1000 religious friends for my impious contextualization.  Oh well. C’est la guerre…

Anyhow, the point is that from where I sit everything was created in perfection.

What if we change it up and think of what we experience as something we have chosen for ourselves, our choice in blessings?

Pain is a natural human experience that we all process at some point in our lives, and I will not try to tell you that yours is less than mine.

But, experiencing it just isn’t a good enough reason for us to languish.

Pain passes if we let it.

Love is all that matters and we are loved…perfectly, infinitely and completely!

So why don’t we try loving ourselves and being OK with what is?  Loving ourselves is the Divine loving us.

It’s all good!

And…Love is all that matters!

Pietro Perugino
San Sebastiano
1493 – 1494
Oil on Canvas
53 3 cm × 39 5 cm
The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

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