Do Not Lose Heart

So you are feeling kinda freaked out…me too.

In fact, everyone is, no matter how blasé they wish to appear.

The thing of it is, being freaked out right now is perfectly normal; we all are experiencing one of the most significant transitions in human history.  It is nothing short of total consciousness change.  

Change is something we humans are not easy with.  We invoke it while binding it to a rock like Prometheus. We are afraid of change.  We are afraid of it because we do not really understand it; and because we do not understand it we are unable to welcome it. 

We live on a planet that at the equator is spinning on its axis at 460 meters per second (1,070 miles per hour) and rotating around the sun at 30 kilometers per second (67,000 miles per hour).  Additionally, our galaxy is rotating, and we are rotating around the galaxy’s center at approximately 220 kilometers per second (490,000 miles per hour); add to that that we are part of a cluster of galaxies that is streaking through space at 1,000 kilometers per second (2,237,000 miles per hour).

Each day we see the sun rise and the sun set, the weather transform and living things come to life, grow and pass.  Our hearts beat, we breathe, we exist.

We exist at the center of change.  

And while external things appear to waste away, our inner selves are being renewed day by day, and the discomforts we experience are only momentary afflictions that serve to reflect our resistance back to us.

Not all the discomforts are ours.  To get through this immeasurable transition it is helpful to learn to distinguish between our own material and the material being put out there by others; by recognizing that the energy we are witnessing, the confusion and turmoil around us, is not necessarily emanating from us, but more often envelops us.  If we do not judge that energy or its source, we allow a space for each individual to awaken in his or her own time.

Our human desire to align ourselves with a constant is not misguided.  It is our inner knowing that there is, in fact, a constant in the universe.  It is the energy of creation, of love; aligning ourselves with that is our souls’ purpose.

Galaxies come and go, form appears and disappears, and yet through it all creation is unaffected.  It just keeps creating, unfolding and transforming through the power of love.

What we can see is transient, but what is unseen is eternal; and we can only connect with the unseen, with the eternal, through love.

Because it is love.

Be of courage in these times and do not lose heart.  Remember that all is well, and above all…

Love is all that matters.

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