Life Is For Us

by Fionn Zarubica

I am grateful…

That all that is meant to be is what is;

For the people who tell me the truth;

For the people who hate me – they keep me gentle;

That every need I have is met, maybe not as I envisioned the solution, but in a more perfect way;

For my hardships – they keep me humble and make me compassionate and strong;

That Maria Callas, Jussi Björling and Artur Rubinstein performed during a time when recording technology existed;

That I have been given difficult people to learn to love; 

That I do not listen to the people who tell me to throw the difficult people away;

That I do not believe this is a bad time, but rather that it is the best of times;

That my friends call me out and tell me when I am out of balance;

That in Serbia the raw produce is so amazing and that I can make healthy meals that would have Californians (my other homefolk) dizzy with jealousy;

That I can cook and feed my friends;

That my friends accept me as I am;

That every prayer I pray is answered – without exception.

That I am loved and can love.

With the evidence at hand, how can anyone view life as against them?  Life is for us!  All we have to do to experience this is to turn our focus to the many ways we are blessed, let go of the controls and ask for guidance. 

No matter what it looks like, it really does not get any better than this.  Everything is perfect and we are loved and protected by that perfection.  It is time to feel free to take pleasure in each of life’s sometimes complicated but gorgeous and yet to be revealed moments.


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