Let It Be

by Fionn Zarubica

A dear friend of mine, astrologer Kit Wilkins, said to me yesterday that 2014 really had 14 months, that the New Year did not actually start until March 2015, after the Chinese New Year, and that the intensity and challenges presented by 2014 lingered into Gregorian calendar 2015.  

I have to say I have seen evidence of this all around.  The levels of anxiety, pain and old wounds rising to the surface that I have observed in humans and communities in the recent months, and until now, have been epic; and I have not been spared.

It is not going to get a lot easier until after the approaching eclipse cycle (March 20, total solar – April 4, total lunar). 

The good news is that it is a chance to move through old material and experience a kind of ascendance that will benefit not only the individual but also the collective.  However, it might not feel fantastic, particularly if our personal Pandora’s Box is filled to the brim.  

So what can we do?

Stay with it; don’t try to suppress the experience, push ahead or resolve issues with others or circumstances.  

Let it be.  





Take loving care of ourselves.  Listen to music we love, eat food we love and that loves us, admire and thank the planet we love, love the people we love, add new people to the list and be at peace.

This is not a time to tilt at windmills.


LOVE is all that matters!

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