Integrate Integral Integrity


Where does it begin?  

It begins with us.

It begins with love.

Love for ourselves.

The golden rule: Treating others as we want to be treated.

But here is the catch.  If we do not love ourselves then we cannot conceive of deserving to be treated well; and it follows that we cannot treat others well because we always treat others as we treat ourselves.

We are all doing the best we can, of that I am certain. But, the best we can is defined by where we are with ourselves.

Do we have to feel good to make an upward shift? No.

Riddled with pain, trapped in agony, we can make the decision to treat others as we have always wished in our child’s heart that we would be treated.


Our word is our bond.

Sometimes the act of healing ourselves begins with the act of healing others.

That does not mean we accept abuse.  It means we step aside from it without judgment.

If we regard each and every human being we encounter as precious, sacred and beloved, from our challengers to our family and colleagues, how might that change the game?

If we resolve to bring to everyone and every situation the same love, acceptance and understanding we hope to also to receive, how would that change the world?

We cannot affect opinions or control the thoughts of others.

At the end of the day living in love is all we can offer. 


Love is all that matters.  Really, it is.

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