Indulge Me

by Fionn Zarubica

gookie1OK, so I just want to have fun.

I have tried all the options, I have cared about it all, I have not cared about it all, I have gotten involved and worked up and I have removed myself from the transaction.

Now, I realize that no matter what I have done, what attitude I have wanted to assume or how I have wished to present myself, it has made no difference.  Things have turned out the same, results were unchanged; life was neither simpler nor more complicated.  I liken it to going to the theater to watch a movie.  I can go in and be dead set against enjoying it or I can go in and be really excited to see it, but the movie remains unchanged.  It just runs.  For me, the difference is that when I deal with things from a happy I just want to have fun place, I am happier.

I still have to field all the crazy and navigate the ups and downs, but I am happier.

That has got to be worth something.

This week I interacted with people who harbor beliefs.  You know, those things we have subscribed to for so long we forgot the original reason why.  They were not only religious beliefs, but reactions to gossip about high profile individuals with whom they had never actually had a personal interaction. From what I understand these high-steppers are goners – they have flaws.  Oh my!  Not Flaws!

I love my flaws.  I have billions of them.  They come in all shapes and sizes and pop up when I least expect it.  They entertain me on quiet winter nights and keep people talking about me.  Flaws can be fun.

Flaws draw our attention to areas that need work.   They are our built in spiritual personal trainers.  They emerge over here to highlight something for us to sort out and when done they dive back down and emerge over there to agitate another response.  They never go away, they just change position.

Why do we want to eradicate them? Not only in ourselves, but in others?  Flaws are a source of transformation and enlightenment.  Why don’t we want to allow ourselves and others to be human? Why don’t we want to have fun?

I have friends who rant and rave over political, social and personal issues.  They turn every moment into a heart attack, throwing their life’s energy to the wind.  And for what?  I have never seen anything change as a result of their sacrifices except an acute loss of joy for their efforts.  They don’t seem to be having much fun.

When I don’t like something or someone I stop paying attention to it or them.  I don’t wail, tear at my garments and throw ashes on my head.

Why? Because, I understand that if I care about it all or if I don’t, nothing changes.  All is as it should be and everything cycles on.

The only thing that matters is love.  If we give love, learn how to receive love and act only out of love then we have a shot at making a real difference in the world.

And love is at the heart of fun.

The rest is just noise.

Love is all that matters!

Image: Harpo Marx

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