In Defense Of Pain

How Dare You Tell Me I Can Be Happy?

by Fionn Zarubica

rose-2Have you ever been in a conversation with someone wherein you stated an optimistic view of a particular situation and they reacted with offense – as if you are trying to deprive them of their pain?  This is the conversation I am having over and over here in Serbia.

Whenever I state that I see potential, the approach of great joy, a bright future, I am reprimanded for my foolishness.

The right to feel pain.  Yes, we all have a right to feel pain.  But should we collect, hoard and protect it?

I am not telling anyone that they cannot feel what they feel.  But do I not have the right to feel what I feel?  Joy, optimism and connection to the right outworkings of our affairs? 

I do not see the Balkans as a place that has been unfairly excluded from the forward march of history.  I see it as a region that is emerging.  I do not see it as thwarted from thriving; rather that it was kept in the waiting room because its time had not come. 

We can nurse our wounds and contemplate our losses.  It is true that no one has the right to deprive anyone of their suffering until they are all done suffering.  But if I were to pick you up and put you in Eden, would you be able to let it go and enjoy Eden?  Would you even know that you are there?

It is time for cosciousness change.  I think we are finally being asked to step out of the waiting room, at the perfect moment, and being offered the chance to participate in a conscious golden era.  Eden is an accepting thought away.  What view would you like to take?

Perhaps you do not live in the Balkans?  But the same principle can be applied to an individual life.  Perhaps when we are held back it is for our own good because the time is not right for our ascendance?  But when the time is right, are we willing to put down the old burdens and accept the blessing of our moment?   Can we walk onstage with the curtain up?  Take a look around – is it your time to pick up your sundries and step out of the waiting room?

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