In Answer To Your Question…

by Fionn Zarubica

locri_pinax_of_persephone_and_hadesSome members of my Serbian readership have asked me why I am putting so much emphasis on all that is good and positive, while neglecting to acknowledge the value of pain and suffering or explore the shadow.

Let's take a look at that.

There are two significant mechanisms at work in all of us that are our guides and powerful allies, but misinterpreted or mishandled, what they stimulate in us can lead to suffering.  They are physical and emotional pain, and the shadow self.

Pain is a manifest sensation.  In the body it lets us know that there is an imbalance and that something needs medical attention.  Without it we might walk around on a broken leg or not realize we are ill.  Emotional pain lets us know that our inner workings need attention and that the interaction between our inner and outer lives is out of balance.  Without it we would not be alerted to make the corrections necessary to sustain healthy relationships with ourselves or others.  

Pain and its result when unaddressed, suffering, serves us but is not meant to linger once the issues it is there to highlight have been attended to.

The shadow is another matter; it is not something we can feel.  While it is active in our lives, it operates through the unconscious.  We must seek to know it to benefit from its gifts.  The shadow is the person we would rather not be, the part of our selves we find appalling; it is what guides us to understand how we judge.  The shadow says, "Look at where you struggle and that is where your judgment lies".  It deals with the balancing of the relationship between the conscious and the unconscious and is there to show us our own light.  

As with pain, once the shadow's job is done, its services are no longer required.

When I focus my dialogue on all that is good, I am not suggesting that we deny or reject pain and the shadow.  What I am suggesting is that we embrace them in gratitude and work consciously with them until we have transcended all of the discordances that they lovingly reveal in us.  

I maintain that we are intended to live joy filled lives.  We are intended to live in a heaven on earth.  But we will continue to experience pain and suffering until we have let go of all that impedes our own evolution, and no longer create the situations that require pain and suffering to get our attention.

What we can do now, is disengage from messages that manipulate us to be afraid, to live in a mindset of scarcity and to disregard how glorious and powerful we are as individual human beings – shadows and all.  

I am saying that by knowing what does and does not belong to us, by viewing all that we experience as a blessing and focusing on love, we can put other people's baggage down and begin to walk through our lives unburdened.

All really is well.

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