I Will Miss Your Company!

by Fionn Zarubica

I will miss your company because I have made the decision to set off in a new direction.  I have decided to become the author of my life.  I am casting away the results I once envisioned as essential and am going for wholeness, joy and above all love.

And no, this is not a weekend attitude or one assumed during an inspirational retreat.

This is where I have made the choice to spend the rest of my life. 

It is not threatened by fear of censure, invisibility, separation or death; it is a surrender to just be and to engage in my passion.

An individual’s passion realized quickens the whole.

I am taking responsibility for my part in the wellbeing of others, the planet and myself.

I won’t do jobs I do not feel good about, I won’t pursue a career that kills my spirit and I won’t tune in to people who find me lacking or say I can’t.

I won’t make myself small to soothe others.

I am releasing my focus on money and survival and turning my focus to giving.  When I consider a job today, I will measure it against whether or not I would do it for free.

I am acting on every harebrained inspiration I have as long as it sits well in my heart, my true intelligence.

I am sending my thoughts in the direction of how I want things to be, seeing my wishes already fulfilled.  I am learning to receive and to let go of the anxiety about not getting or giving enough.  

I understand that I don’t have to pander to power because authority is internal.

This is the place of our now.  It is a place of peace and contentment; it is passion guided by love.

As Joseph Clough said, “Rather than being a product of life, allow life to be a product of you.”

I hope you will join me here so that I don’t have to miss your company – it is lovely.

The choice is yours…

And by the way, Love is all that matters…

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  1. lucinda bridges flynn

    a brave and beautiful choice!!!  reaping what you sow, trusting.

    your open heartedness will surely bring many new adventures…how lovely!!! and stimulating 🙂

    happppy happppppy for your assuredness, honoring your passion.   does this mean no more fionnblog? fionnmusings.  perhaps you will keep spreading snipets of your observations in the magic window here.

    big hugs and OH BOY!!!!    fly baby!!!!  have a grande time 🙂  much love ~ L

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