Freedom From Self-Hatred

by Fionn Zarubica

Conflict with one’s self and the world is rooted in self-hatred.  

Most of us spend a huge amount of time making up psychological pictures of ourselves that aren’t pretty; and by believing they are true, we create existential dysmorphia.

Rather than accepting things as they are, and knowing that there is a divine order at work and that all is as it should be, we take the situations that come up in our lives and add drama to them creating unnecessary complications.

We react personally to the opinions of others, place importance on politics, ethnic differences, religious views, gender identity, past injuries, and so much more. 

We call it values.  We say we are principled; we have rules and therefore must stand up and fight for what is right.  It proves our goodness – it shrives us.

Does it?

What I see is that we are projecting our own self-loathing, like guilty parasites, onto any charged circumstance that comes our way.

No good has ever come of this, and no honest person can say that the effort has made them a bit happier.

Love is the answer, and the seeds to establishing love as the answer lie in loving ourselves.

Commitment to self-understanding is the key to happiness.  Commitment to universal understanding will heal the planet.

This discussion began with a look at the individual; but the individual is relevant to the whole.  We are all one, and our mutual interest in the well-being of one another and the planet is the only way that peace and harmony will progress and war and conflict will be neutralized.

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