Don’t Think About Camels

by Fionn Zarubica

There is an old game my brother and I used to play.  One of us would say to the other “Don’t think about camels”.  Inevitably, camels would be all we could think about.

Over the last few months I have had the opportunity to speak with many individuals living in the Balkan region and working in the area of cultural heritage protection.  I have listened to their concerns, and when asked, have offered suggestions to help alleviate some of the challenges in their situations.

What I have discovered in these conversations is that a majority of the time my suggestions are met with an extensive list of reasons why they cannot work; the reasons against success taking longer to describe than the offered solutions.

Clearly there are countless obstacles in the region that push back mightily on these warriors for cultural heritage, but what stands out is that the resistance starts setting up before the recommendation has been fully presented.  The objections waiting like horses in the gate at the racetrack.

And, so much energy is spent in the precious present dragging out past limitations.  I often come away exhausted just having listened; not to mention how arduous it must be for those who carry it all around as their truth.  

OK, so how can we bring about change for the better when there is overwhelming evidence that we cannot?  

First, we can understand that change is constant and not something we are controlling or avoiding, no matter how we try to limit our view to give ourselves that impression.  Stepping into the cosmic waltz and aligning ourselves harmoniously with change is key.

Then we must take responsibility.  Not in terms of blame or guilt, but look at what we as individuals can do differently to bring healing to ourselves and others, because it really is all about healing.

Look past our reactions to situations and locate the seeds of those reactions, going as far back as necessary.  Bless them, thank them for their service and let them go. 

Be mindful of our thoughts.  Reality is a matter of where we focus our attention.  It takes but an instant for the brain to entirely change the mind body reaction to a situation; and that directly affects our health, our peace and our capacity to bring about creative solutions.

Recognize the futility of admonishing ourselves to not feel anxious, not feel angry, not feel hopeless, because the universe doesn’t hear “not”, and the negative emotion alone is where our awareness will instantly go; and then we will be at war with ourselves.

Don’t think about camels…

What we can do is say “I am”.  

I am peace, I am love, I am health, I am prosperity.  I am whole and complete.  I am everything that is needed to be the change I want to see in the world!

Do think about camels….

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