In Defense

by Fionn Zarubica

PTBoatA lot of people lately are expressing feelings of being blocked.  Not just a little blocked, but epically.  Productive things they try to create cannot leave the ground and things they have already created, good things, evaporate without a reasonable explanation.

There is a pervasive ambience of futility and exhaustion affecting everyone.

What can we do to get things flowing?

To begin with, by accepting that all things we experience originate from within us.  It isn’t the other guy or the big guy, it is us. We can choose to be obstacles in other peoples’ days or lives, or healers who offer safety and comfort to one another.  By turning our attention away from all the ways in which we are blocked, we can make it our intention to stop being the blockers.

How often do we say “no” when we really could have said “yes”?  How often do our minds run to all the reasons something cannot work out before seeing it as something that could?  How often do we choose first to protect our terrified selves even when not actually threatened, or make a moment more personally convenient by taking what we want before offering it to another?

We can all make an effort to be a little more open, even once a day, where our programmed responses are to be closed, to let a pedestrian pass ahead or the person in line at the grocery store with only one item go first.  To wholly listen to others even though we cannot relate to their issues and allow them to be themselves even if we don’t get it.  To return all our emails and messages and give people who are waiting for a response from us a timely and honest answer.  To accept “no” with grace.  To do what we say we are going to do and be where we say we are going to be.

Obstructive behaviors are defensive behaviors, from driving too fast or leaping over someone to get a carton of milk to harpooning the competition in thought or in deed.  Any response that is not in harmony with the present moment, that does not compliment that moment, is defensive and stems from our distrust that everything is unfolding for the highest good of all and that we are loved.  Wholly and completely loved, exactly as we are now.

If we really understood that, there would be no need to obstruct or defend ourselves.  Against what?

Love is all that matters!

PT Boat PT-557 With Milt Donadt Manning The Bow

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