As Usual, All Is Well…

by Fionn Zarubica

all-is-wellWhat if….

We could put our whole past on a screen and run it like a movie?  Let’s not stop there – our past and our future.  

Almost certainly, the first time through, we would wince, cower, maybe sing our own praises, laugh, cry or feel nostalgic.  Enthralled or even repulsed by our own story, we would also probably like to run it again, and again and again…

This is where it gets interesting.  

If we were able to externalize all of that information and view it as many times as we like, then I believe that as with any film we watch too many times, at some point we would become dispassionate and even bored; our attention would wander and we would look around for something more interesting to do, no matter how spellbinding the story.  

It might even occur to us that irrespective of how we have lived, or will live our lives, we would find ourselves exactly where we are now – every road leading to what is.

No story resonates indefinitely. What it does do is leave us with its lesson, so that we can carry on wiser, but not attached; because there is nothing substantive in a story to attach one’s self to, and nothing to be gained.

What we humans tend to do is prolongue the process and internalize our stories where they take root in our physicality, become inappropriately substantive and cause suffering and disease.  We run them perpetually, locking ourselves into an endless loop that obstructs us from being in the truth of the present. 

But, if we can make it a practice to externalize and objectify our biographies, we can do what we were meant to do, and take from them what matters, the wisdom, while leaving the burden of endless self-recrimination behind on the screen.

Take a look around at this very moment, as you read this, without connecting the moment to a story.  I would be willing to bet that, like it or not, all is well.

I am sitting here in my window overlooking the city of Belgrade, and the beautiful Danube River, writing; and even though I have had some interesting experiences in my life, right now, in my window in Belgrade, they are not happening.  As usual, like it or not, all is well.

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Image: The Little Red Hen At Home

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