by Fionn Zarubica

Turner The Angel Standing in the SunHeaven is already on earth, the trouble is we are not looking for it.

Not too long ago, I saw an interview with a physicist who was discussing the existence of simultaneous alternate realities, a theory that is becoming more widely accepted in mainstream physics today.

If the theory is true, if we are expressing ourselves through multiple realities at any given moment, what would happen if we could navigate between them and create the experiences we would like to have?

For example, if in one reality we are healthy but in this one we have terminal cancer, what if we could connect to the healthy reality and bring that into where we (think we) are now.

This seems like an implausible suggestion; but consider the miraculous healings we hear about every so often.  How did those happen?  Perhaps the individuals, either by themselves or guided by a healer, were able to access and download a reality in which they were healthy?

So many possibilities are revealed and questions raised.  If what we are experiencing now is the reality of our choosing then what does that say about what we have elected to bring in and experience? 

As our planet appears to careen into total destruction, led by unconscious humans taking us docilely on a suicide mission, feelings of enslavement, powerlessness, hopelessness and destitution seem to be the only reality.

But, what if we could dial in to a reality of sovereignty, empowerment, joy and abundance?  Replacing ruination with creation in an instant.  What if it were just a thought away.

All discussions of this kind wind their way back to personal responsibility.  We don’t need our leadership to make the changes necessary to heal the planet, we have the power to do it ourselves.  

It is a matter of shifting our focus.  If we as conscious people make a unified effort to tap in to our resources to bring in peace, love and joy, we will reveal heaven on earth.   

We are the second coming, the resurrection and the life.  Through us love comes into the world.

It doesn’t take everyone to make it happen.  It just takes you.

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Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775-1851)
The Angel Standing In The Sun
Date: Exhibited 1846
Medium: Oil paint on canvas
Dimensions: Support: 787 x 787 mm; Frame 942 x 942 x 73 mm
Current location: Tate Britain