by Fionn Zarubica

fionn-zarubica-6OK guys, I am so over it. 

I grew up in the alternative community, in fact at the cutting edge of it.

I chewed (with no small effort) on healthy blocks of tasteless wheat bread, slabs of cheese and alfalfa sprout sandwiches at the Source restaurant on Sunset Boulevard before Woody Allen ever thought of putting it in one of his movies, was treated by homeopathic physicians such as my dear Dr. Knauer when no one could pronounce homeo, confused it with homo, and couldn't distinguish between pathic and empathic, spent thousands of hours having parts of myself micro-adjusted using the DeJarnette approach to Sacro Occipital Technique, took yoga classes with Indra Devi at age six, lived the life of a vegetarian even though I dreamed only of meat, attended a Waldorf school for 14 years, was surrounded by devout Anthroposophists who always spoke in solemn and hushed tones, thought classical music was the only thing one was allowed to watch since TV was out of the question, have been a member of every major religion and to this day enjoy the benefit of intuitive counseling on a regular basis.  

Basically my childhood was a nightmare.  

But my adulthood is fabulous.

Where alternative approaches are concerned, I am no amateur, I have seen it all, the good the bad and the ugly.

But for all of that, today, I am more than ever deeply disappointed.  So very, very deeply disappointed. 

I am disappointed in those of you who call yourselves healers, yet have co-opted the consciousness movement to promote yourselves and fill your pockets.  Most of you won’t even acknowledge to yourselves what you are doing, but I see.  I see it because when I have approached you with real situations to collaborate on, to assist others in need, to resolve serious issues and bring healing to the wounded, you have blown me off.  

However, when you have yourselves to promote, or think I can infuse you with cash, blind faith or connections, suddenly you remember my email address.

I see you.  I see who you are.  You cannot hide from me.

We usually like to pin this sort of thing on organized religion, but that is bogus.  

Yes Judas it is you.  

You, dear unaffiliated one, are engaged in infecting the alternative healing community with a viral pox, a new wellspring of ill gotten gains for opportunists who are tuning in to pray on the naïve and the unsophisticated.

It is true that many people in the world are unsophisticated about alternative approaches of all sorts, because they have been culturally cut off from any experience with them.  It is a fact that they are vulnerable; and those of us who are blessed to be in the know need to protect them, not exploit them.

As for seeking healing, seek it like crazy; healthy people go for help when they need it.  Stop at nothing to heal yourselves and others.  But, make sure that the healers and teachers you reach out to want to raise you up, love you and set you free, and do not ask you to support them in some extraordinary way.  

Real love is free and being healthy is our birthright. 

That is not to say that healers do not deserve to make a living, and that they should not be supported in their work, indeed they should; but you will feel it in your gut if something is amiss and if you are being asked to give more than is appropriate.  

Listen to your gut. Watch what people do; disregard what they say.

And for you “healers” who are taking advantage of our brothers and sisters, you had better run and hide. I do not suffer false prophets gladly and will call you out; lovingly of course.  I have absolutely nothing to lose because…

Love is all that matters…

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