by Fionn Zarubica

plieWhy do we come into this world?  

To perfect the art of existence.  

Do we enter perfect?  Yes I think so.  Does that mean that we cannot create for ourselves new levels of experience. No.

Is the seed less perfect than the tree? Is the tree less perfect than its fruit?  Is being any one of those things quite like being the other?

To become accomplished in any art form we must face challenges that try us but ultimately benefit us.  Be it dance, music, drawing, sports, invention – any form of human expression; there are exercises we must repeat over and over until we have perfected them and are ready to work on something more advanced.

Aspiring artists rarely question that they cannot at first perform the tasks set before them.  Consummate artists know that there is more to be achieved, more possibilities for perfection.  And, they do not abandon the first lessons.  Neither are they offended when they encounter a novice.

Musicians work at scales their whole lives and ballet dancers start each lesson with the plié.

As humans we enter the world with a certain set of parameters that are not only part of the earth package, but what we have chosen for ourselves to help us become masters of the art of existence.  Blessed obstacles.  The path to mastery can seem remarkably tedious, repetitive and dull, even at times depraved and unhealthy.  They may be emotional challenges, physical challenges and circumstantial challenges such as the events or conditions of our lives.

In our contemporary context, and I do include the alternative spirituality perspective here, we tend to look at these experiences as mistakes.   We think that anything that does not immediately feel like peace or bliss is an illness or exception that needs to be “healed”.

“Heal” is a popular word these days full of promise for an easy slip out of the classroom.  

To heal means to make whole.  In a spiritual context it is the unification of all that we are with all that is.  It is Satori or enlightenment.

It does not mean to eradicate that which is uncomfortable, dirty or difficult to transcend.  It is the act of making peace with our lessons and understanding that what we face is neither good nor bad, but the process we have chosen that is necessary to master the art of existence.

We heal so that we can be.

Too many today offer short cuts to healing and too few know what that really means.

I don’t go to my teachers to make me feel better or bliss me out, I go to my teachers to hear the truth and I depend on them to use their gifts to raise the level of my preparedness for the next challenge, so that I can improve my own artistry and through that feel better.

If we were to ask any sincere artist if they think they are the best at what they do and fully evolved, they would look at us as if we were mad; and if we offered them the opportunity to be perfect and free of obstacles, they would probably hand it back to us.  Because, it is the process of mastering something wherein lies the joy.  Artists understand that.

When we reflect upon our early attempts at anything, do we see our inelegance as expressions of illness or flaw?  When it comes to knocking around the planet yes, we never forgive ourselves for the awkwardness of adolescence; but when it comes to the pursuit of an art form, not very often.  Mostly we look at them as the first sweet steps taken toward bringing us to where we are in the present moment. 

Healing is what we are doing when we are joyfully and without judgment attending to our lessons and allowing for the lessons of others.

Healing, or becoming whole, is our ongoing mastery of the art of existence. 

It does not get any easier, it just gets more interesting; and that is because we were never broken in the first place.

Our labors are not a response to affliction; they are the opportunities we have been given because of how much we are loved, and…

Love is all that matters!