krishna_arjunaWhat do we do when we have been cut to the core, trimmed to the quick or feel lowered beyond low by circumstances outside of our control that involve interpersonal communications and relationships?

When we have been treated like ulcerate beggars by people with whom we were treasured friends only a few days before; when those we come into contact with take innocuous comments or harmless acts and blow them into the Battle of Kosovo?

At this time, many of us are having exactly that experience, and more and more frequently. 

It is not arbitrary; for the next year we are going to be seeing a lot of this.  We have entered into an apocalypse, into the great dissolution of illusion.  The angels are blowing their trumpets.  Our masks are being ripped off by the big cosmic hand – and no one is exempt.

For those of us who are seeking consciousness change this can be mildly uncomfortable.  For those of us who are not, it can be excruciating.

Just imagine what it is like to have convinced yourself of a particular reality – especially one related to ego values such as power and identity – only to find yourself standing before your community – spiritual and corporeal – naked, fully exposed and entirely unprepared?  

Few of us have to imagine this because we are all experiencing it at some level.

There are many teachings that speak to preparation, for example the parable of the Ten Maidens With Their Lamps in the Christian Bible*, and in the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna leading Arjuna “up the ladder of yoga”**.  This was all well-planned guidance for where we are now, and it is not specific to a particular philosophy or belief system.  

The message is to get prepared spiritually, to get aligned, because our masks are coming off any second now.  We might even consider going straight to the punch line and taking them off ourselves.

As for dealing with the pressure we are experiencing from those who are flailing around us, when we are initially shocked by what we perceive to be a sucker punch, it can be hard not to defend ourselves.  However, if we can redirect this energy of revelation, and that is what it is, we can act as stable conduits through which it can flow to become energy of creation – nothing less than transformative creative energy that can heal the planet.

Let’s step out of blame and hurt and into compassion and understanding, and take responsibility for what flows through us by preparing and grounding ourselves for service to humanity.  Because… 

Love is all that matters!


* Bible, Matthew 25:1-13
** Sivananda, Swami (1995), The Bhagavad Gita, The Divine Life Society, ISBN 81-7052-000-2

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