by Fionn Zarubica


Belief:  The conviction that something exists, is true or real without manifest proof that it is so. 

In early usage, belief meant "trust in God", while faith meant loyalty or fealty to a person or cause based on a commitment or promise, inferring nothing about divinity.

In contemporary usage these two words have switched roles somewhat.  Today belief expresses a conclusion arrived at through a mental process.  Faith, on the other hand, more often describes a trust in that which cannot be explained, seen or proven.

However, both words have always been employed to define our relationship to truth.

Truth is something we like to see as this illusive thing that we seek unsuccessfully; the Holy Grail, the Unicorn, the Philosopher's Stone. 

We settle upon belief to give us the impression that we are on the path to truth, but perversely we never allow ourselves to arrive.

Meanwhile, we call upon faith to justify our disconnection from truth by sanctifying our separation and engaging in rituals that promise to, but never quite, reconnect us.  

And yet, truth is all that there is.  We are present within and without it.  It is that which created us, the air we breathe, the beat of our hearts, the love that flows to and from us – to and from the threshold of the cosmos.

Belief is what separates us from truth.  It creates a kind of tunnel vision.  It defines arbitrary parameters of reality and applies rules to them.  If we engage in belief we must ignore all pieces of information that contravene it.

Beliefs are not limited to religions and philosophies; they include politics, health, superstitions, ego projections, social conventions, diets and mundane daily activities.  

They are any thought we think is true.

We like to justify our beliefs with offers of evidence; but what is evidence?  Thousands of years of belief, topped off with blind faith.

Meanwhile, faith is the delivery system for the emotional response to belief.  We cast faith as something that just is, but it actually it takes a lot of energy to maintain.

What we rarely hear people talking about is knowingness. Knowingness is what exists effortlessly in the space between, our absolute connection to the source of our creation. 

We all have knowingness, but most of us choose to dismiss it in favor of thoughts and emotions – beliefs and faith.  

If an angel were to appear to us and ask us if we were willing to bet our lives that everything we believe is true, would we?

With so much to lose, most of us would probably say no! 

Yet we do it every day when we agree to believe that we cannot thrive, that we cannot make a difference, that our existence is meaningless and that we cannot live in joy.

Separation from truth is the illusion. The created cannot be separated from the creator.  The Love that made us, is us.

Globally, people now are feeling the pressure in every area of their lives; the intensity is increasing.  But, this is not a harbinger of doomsday; it is the universe using tough love to let us know that it is time to set aside the distraction of beliefs and attempts at faith, and become spiritual adults – to acknowledge and live from our knowingness.

If we were to do so, there would be no war, no suffering, no poverty, no despair.

There would only be love, and…

Love is all that matters!