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  • The Transformative Power Of The Weak Link

    The Transformative Power Of The Weak Link

    by Fionn Zarubica There is an old saying that “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link”; and literally that is true.  Put enough stress on a chain […]

  • Where We Soul Gifted…

    Where We Soul Gifted…

    by Fionn Zarubica I look into the world In which the sun is shining In which the stars are sparkling In which the stones repose Where living plants are growing […]

  • Pay It Forward

    Pay It Forward

    This week between Orthodox Christmas and Orthodox New Year (January 7 – January 14), we at Serbians For Joy are encouraging everyone to "Pay It Forward".  We are asking everyone […]

  • The Spaces Between

    The Spaces Between

    by Fionn Zarubica I had a conversation with an artist friend of mine the other evening, and he was bemoaning the fact that Belgrade just wasn’t as dynamic as he […]

  • So The Plan Is…

    So The Plan Is…

    by Fionn Zarubica A lot of people ask me what my plan is.   Well…I don’t have one.   Not because I am unable to think of one, I can think […]

  • The Misery Imperitive

    The Misery Imperitive

    by Fionn Zarubica How can you be more miserable than I?   Surely any simpleton can see that I am more aggrieved than you! You have had all the advantages […]

  • Healers, Your Slips Are Showing…

    Healers, Your Slips Are Showing…

    by Fionn Zarubica OK guys, I am so over it.  I grew up in the alternative community, in fact at the cutting edge of it. I chewed (with no small […]

  • Loved


    by Fionn Zarubica What is all this bla bla bla about love?   Love this, love that, unconditional love, love is all that matters.   Where, when, how and why […]

  • I Love You No Matter How Horrible You Think I Am

    I Love You No Matter How Horrible You Think I Am

    by Fionn Zarubica If I don’t live up to your expectations, whose problem is it? I have been interested by conversations I have had here in Serbia, since I arrived, […]

  • Indulge Me

    Indulge Me

    by Fionn Zarubica OK, so I just want to have fun. I have tried all the options, I have cared about it all, I have not cared about it all, […]