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  • Shadow Play

    Shadow Play

    by Fionn Zarubica The ego’s need to feel superior.  That is the terminology that Eckhart Tolle uses to describe the motive for gossip, among other things. I was going to […]

  • Don’t Believe It!

    Don’t Believe It!

    by Fionn Zarubica Belief:  The conviction that something exists, is true or real without manifest proof that it is so.  In early usage, belief meant "trust in God", while faith […]

  • Process This…

    Process This…

    by Fionn Zarubica There are a few ways we can process “negative” experiences.  We can process them AS negative experiences, we can refuse to process them or we can process […]

  • Sacrifice


    by Fionn Zarubica George Bernard Shaw said: "Self-sacrifice enables us to sacrifice other people without blushing." I am perplexed by the word sacrifice.  Not in terms of linguistics, but what […]

  • Let Us Begin Each Moment With Joy!

    Let Us Begin Each Moment With Joy!

    by Fionn Zarubica Let us begin the Fast with joy. Let us give ourselves to spiritual efforts. Let us cleanse our souls. Let us cleanse our flesh. Let us fast […]

  • White Fang Rising

    White Fang Rising

    by Fionn Zarubica Inspired by the film: How Wolves Change Rivers So, they got rid of the wolves and imbalanced the ecco system. Tonight I spoke with a friend who […]

  • Atomic Spirituality

    Atomic Spirituality

    I have always been a bit fascinated by atoms; by the fact that we are made up of them and yet for all of our efforts and technological advances we cannot […]

  • Too Good To Be True

    Too Good To Be True

    by Fionn Zarubica How do we make sure that good things don’t keep happening? Worry that they won’t keep happening. We like to spend our time looking for evidence that […]

  • Success: The Ultimate How To

    Success: The Ultimate How To

    The pursuit of failure is the surest path to success. There are a lot of conflicting messages going around about success, not only material, but social and spiritual.   There […]

  • Spiritual Acceptability

    Spiritual Acceptability

    by Fionn Zarubica In the West, we spend a lot of time defining what is and is not acceptable.   Maybe they do in the East too, but I cannot […]