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  • Namaste Anita

    Namaste Anita

    by Fionn Zarubica In loving memory of my mother Anita Lundegaard Blichfeldt, August 8, 1925 – August 8, 2016 I grew up in the heart of Hollywood, just 150 feet north of Sunset […]

  • In Defense

    In Defense

    by Fionn Zarubica A lot of people lately are expressing feelings of being blocked.  Not just a little blocked, but epically.  Productive things they try to create cannot leave the ground […]

  • The Theory Of Abundance

    The Theory Of Abundance

    by Fionn Zarubica How did we get here?  How did our world and we come into being? There are the scientific views which are based on theories of materialism – […]

  • Fallen?


    Who says we live in a fallen world? I heard it again the other day. Over the years, I have taken this sentiment for granted, never examining it too closely, […]

  • Do Not Lose Heart

    Do Not Lose Heart

    by Fionn Zarubica So you are feeling kinda freaked out…me too. In fact everyone is, no matter how blasé they wish to appear. The thing of it is, being freaked […]

  • Technoethics


    by Fionn Zarubica In a contemporary society we are faced with an increasingly complex set of ethical issues.   These are not big ticket items like genocide, the environment or religious […]

  • Spiritual Busy Work

    Spiritual Busy Work

    by Fionn Zarubica Not too long ago while having a conversation with someone about matters spiritual, it was suggested to me that the most important spiritual work I could do […]

  • Integrate Integral Integrity

    Integrate Integral Integrity

    by Fionn Zarubica Integrity. Our word is our bond. Where does it begin?  It begins with us. It begins with love. Love for ourselves. The golden rule: Treating others as […]

  • A Prayer To The Archangels

    A Prayer To The Archangels

    by Fionn Zarubica The beings known as the Archangels have been described in many spiritual traditions. I would like to share my personal meditation and prayer to them. Michael protect […]

  • Heal To Be

    Heal To Be

    by Fionn Zarubica Why do we come into this world?   To perfect the art of existence.   Do we enter perfect?  Yes I think so.  Does that mean that we […]